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    • chebusann


      I'm trying to improve the mesh for a model in Fluent. I did the mesh in Workbench, then export as .msh file, and when starting ANSYS Fluent I have a doubt about wich is the difference between Serial and Parallel processing. I now have an Intel Core i3-2100 3.10Ghz processor. The specs for my processor are: #cores = 2 core #threads = 4. So, the question is: if I select Parallel processing option. what means the "number" in meshing processes, "number" in solver processes and "number" in GPGPUs per machine?


      Here are the specs of my processor:



      Thanks in advance.

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Leave gpu as zero. For meshing leave cpu as 1 (you won't see any speed up given the low cell count you're going to generate). For the solve 2 cpu should speed things up: make sure you're not surfing the internet etc when doing the runs. Threads means you have hyperthreading turned on. We tend to disable this as it's not really worth using for CFD. 

    • Shea
      I am working with a computer with the following specifications. How do I set up ANSYS parallel processes for the fastest simulation run? nDual AMD EPYC 7451 Twenty Four core (2.3GHz, 48 cores total) with 256GB RAMnn
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