Parallel Simulation

    • Dino


      Is there a way to not show these node divisions when running in parallel? It does not go away while displaying contours with domain outlines.

      Thank you,


    • klu
      Ansys Employee


      Please try removing those lines by applying in the TUI window this command:


      including the parenthesis.


    • Konstantine Kourbatski
      Ansys Employee

      any time you post a question, please specify a version of the code you are running as a solution can differ by version. E. g. in R17.0 and later, you can:

      /display/set/duplicate-node-display? yes

      in R16.x, you need to turn on beta features before running the above command

      /define/bfa yes ok

      In R15.0 and earlier, use (cxg-stitch-shells) posted bu klu

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