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Parameterization of a Scheffler type solar colector in spaceclaim

    • hernandez.triana.jl99

      Hi everyone

      It´s my first time using ANSYS software. I need to parameterize a scheffler type solar colector using Spaceclaim (look at the scheme). The scheffler type solar colector is maked by a parabolic surface cutted by a 45° inclined plane, so I want to parameterize it based in two variables, the reflector focal lenght (the variable that parameterizes the parabolic curve plane callednamed "Df") and the reflector area (which depends on the variables "Df" and the a variable that parameterizes the cutting plane called "C"), so i have some questions about that.

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee
      Please check following video
      " target="blank">SpaceClaim for Parametric Analysis | CAE Associates | ANSYS e-Learning - YouTube
      You can use equation to create curve. Please check documentation.
      Regards Keyur
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  • peteroznewman
    Construct a parametric conical surface, and a parametric plane to make a vertical slice. The edge of the cut is a parabolic curve. Revolve that to make a fully parameterized parabolic surface. Create another parametric plane a distance C below the vertex and tilted at 45 degrees. Use this plane to slice out the fully parametric off-axis reflector.
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