parameters in Fossum in SRH recombination


      I am doing the UTC PD simulation with charge now, the materials are Si and Ge. for the Ge, I need to set the taun, taup andNref.The default value 1e-5 is too larege that the responsivity means almost all the photogenerated carriers are collected. I have checked your examples of Ge pd, three examples use three parameters 1e-8,1e-9,1e-10. Which one is right? Or is there some reference for the parameters setting of Ge?

      Also, when I open the high field mobility model, the simulation always error, how to do the setting with this model?

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      I personally think that there is no "right" value for all the cases, since it depends on the material and process techniques . You can choose one that fits your device, and the result is reasonable. 


      As for the high field mobility, you may choose different mechanism and test if it works for you. You may also modify the vsta values. 


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