Parameters to be used in Fuel cell Module

    • Amar032
      Hello all
      I am working on flow field designs of PEMFC. I have tried using parameters from the literature, but couldn't match with Lin **** (2003) model.
      Especially, I am confused with Ref.Current Density, Ref. Concentration and Exchange coefficients, which values to be considered?
      Are there any standard values in literature? OR Do I have to calculate?
      if there are any articles available to meet my requirement, please share me the articles.
      Thank you in advance.

    • RK
      Ansys Employee


      You should be able to find the equations involving the reference temperature and other values. To determine how to find reference values, a google search on to choose reference values for battery simulations should give you good articles. 

      You could also refer to this section of the user's guide : 21.1.2. Electrochemistry Modeling (ansys.com) and 28.1. Using the PEMFC Model (ansys.com)

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