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3D Design

parametric design in spaceClaim

  • charles delepelaire

    i'va already heard a little about that. but i don't want to create groups.

    what i want is to create a sketch, add rectangle with W and H cotation.

    create a parameter somewhere (for example: X=5)

    create an extrusion where extrusion length is equal to W*X and stay linked to these value.




  • Sahil Sura
    Ansys Employee

    Hi charles delepelaire,
    You might want to use the 'Blocks recording' feature in SpaceClaim.
    You can click on the 'Blocks' tool from the design tab to record the operations while performing.

    And do add the dimensions accordingly. Say, for example, I create a rectangle and add two dimensions. D1 and D2 appear on the block recording window as we finish the operation.

    You can also parameterize the dimensions by clicking the 'P' option beside the respective dimension.

    For more information, the following references might be useful.
    1. Recording Blocks (ansys.com)

    Hope this helps!



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  • charles delepelaire

    it works inside discovery

    works too inside spaceclaim but pav. num. wildcards can’t be used i need to use wildcards from [µ/*] button in alphabetical pav.

    but i was not able to link data from an equation/data table 


    [EDIT] it seems blocks need to be discarded before closing conception... so how can we re-access to parametric data ?



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