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Parametric expression in Fluent

    • Marcoqtans

      Hi, guys, I'm making some runs of a airfoil in a transonic flow (inviscid and compressible). I'm just trying to set up the inlet pressure far field and outlet pressure far field by putting in Gauge pressure and thermal the isoentropic expression with mach number dependance. I have just tried this way:


      But once I have added those expressions in both fields, I can no more initialize the run and set reference values. Any suggestion ? Thx !7

      ps: the dependance of the mach number must be only in those region, outlet and inlet, as I'm simply choosing the temperature and pressure by myself.

      pps: I have implemented now the correct expression, but it doesn't change pressure and temperature, they are fixed, even chaning Mach number in inlet and outlet pressure far field.

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