Parametric Initialization in Fluent using Workbench Input Parameters

    • AidanPowers

      Is there any way to set variables in my standard initialization, such as gauge pressure, to an input parameter from workbench?

      The initial state of the transient simulation I am running has the same values as the outlet, so perhaps that could be leveraged.

      Hybrid initialization invalidates the result, however if I could trick the hybrid initialization to work like standard initialization based on the outlet that would also be acceptable.

      Hybrid initialization with 0 iterations gets it correct except for the temperature being 84.1 kelvin instead of 1000 kelvin

      Edit: I can get the proper initial temperature by setting the wall temperature to the outlet temperature

      Patches may also work but I can find no way to parametrically define them, or have them persist across multiple design points.

      All the solutions I have seen so far are not helpful as they simply say to use Fluent without workbench or CFX. I might be able to use CFX but that would be a last resort.

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee
      As far as I know there is no direct way to set parameter for gauge pressure for standard initialization.
      You may check scheme commands.
      Regards Keyur
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