Parametric Result analysis

    • skdubey

      Dear Friends, 

      Recently I am working on my fluid flow simulation and encounter fews doubts :

      a. During the parametric analysis of my fluid at different inlet pressure, i would like to see my result for each design point. I click on the "set as current" and then update in the work bench by clicking the post-cfd as "update", I cannot see any results. I am struggling is there anything I am missing: Do I need to load the result for each design point in the "load option in the CFD Post(File)"

      b. Anysuggestion I am getting pretty long name in  the interface, I want to reduce that in order to work on my simulation in more better way. 



    • Nikhil Narale
      Ansys Employee



      Did you get a chance to check this tutorial video:

      See if that helps. 




    • skdubey


      IS THERE ANY OTHER WAY TO SEE THOSE REPORT, I DON T HAVE THAT OPTION IN MY FLUENT MY VERISON : 2022R2,  Is there any other way to get the tab upthere, I can do that. Now i am accessing the parameters through the workbench


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