Parametrisation of a brake

    • carlosdolz258

      Hi I am relatively new to ANSYS and I have been designing a brake disc and pads and then analysing it. I wanted to change the thickness of the disc and to do so I need to increase the length of extrusion and also increase the distance of the reflection plane so that the pads also move. I parameterised this but when ANSYS creates random Design points  at Parameter Correllation the system stops working becaouse the pads and disc are not in the correct positions. Is there a way to create 2 input parameters so that one depends on the other? in this case :

      Position of Plane of Reflection*2= Thickness of the disc


    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee


        Yes, you can parameterize it in SpaceClaim, here are a couple of good videos showing this:



      Additionally, see this playlist:



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