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Particle Fate Report for DPM in Fluent

    • Anurag Kayastha

      I am simulating oil sepration using cyclone separator. I am performing transient simulation with Total time of 0.15 sceonds (1500 iterations and 0.0001 sec step size). Air is taken as Continous phase and Diesel is taken as discrete phase, with surface injection for the time of 0.01 seconds. Air and Diesel velocity is taken same, i.e. 17.3 m/s. Inlet and outlet are having escape boundary condition, and bottom face of geometry is given trap condition to capture the oil particles incident on it.

      After performing calculation I got particle Fate Report as shown in figure.

      1. Why inlet particles escaped is not equal to particles injected in simulation ?
      2. What is transformed and delete fate in report ?
      3. How to avoid delete fate in fate report ?

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      What other models have you got switched on? Remember you're looking at PARCEL reports, not particles: the terms have been used interchangeably for decades and really shouldn't be. 

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