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Particle impact analysis with interlayer ( Nano meter thickness)

    • muthul67

      I am trying to simulate microparticle impact on a substrate with an interlayer with a thickness of 30nm. most of the time mesh generation failed but at one point in time, I am able to generate the mesh. But when I start running the solution either it gets done within seconds or failed. any help would be nice.

      Particle Dia : 40 micro meter

      Substrate : 10d*10d*10d

      Interlayer thickness : 30 nano meter

      thank you

    • tslavik
      Ansys Employee
      Which release of LS-DYNA are you using? Is it SMP or MPP? This information is in the header of the d3hsp file - copy and paste the relevant information.
      I assume you're using the SPH method (*ELEMENT_SPH) ... if not, please explain. Do SPH particles comprise the entire model, or are there some finite elements?
      Is there a single particle hitting the target (substrate with an interlayer)? The particles of the target should be spaced uniformly in the X, Y and Z directions.
      If you specify the mass of each particle in*ELEMENT_SPH then please verify that the mass of the SPH partis in the d3hsp file (search for "summary of mass") makes sense.
      You probably have *CONTROL_SPH in the input file. Eliminate that keyword entirely and re-run - this assures that you have only the default values for the SPH controls. There is no need for the keyword or adjusting its values - the default values should provide a good baseline. Lower TSSFAC (*CONTROL_TERMINATION) to see if it can be made to run further (use TSSFAC=0.7 then try 0.5 and 0.3 and so on).
      If you encounter problems, please provide details. For example, what is the integration time step? If it fails, what error messages appeared (look in the messag file (SMP) or all the mes00** files for MPP.
    • muthul67
      oh sorry, i didnt run on LS Dyna. I used explicit dynmics solver
    • Chris Quan
      Ansys Employee
      Hi Muthul67, could you please provide more information such as error messages or pictures to describe the problem you are having?

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