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Particle Swarm first generation initial parameter values

    • aberg

      Is there a way to use Lumerical's built-in particle swarm optimization with user-defined initial values of the parameters to be optimized? (Without writing a user-defined full script for the entire particle swarm algorithm, including next generation.) If not, is there an example script for particle swarm optimization provided somewhere by Lumerical, which I can modify? Thank you!

    • Kyle
      Ansys Employee

      Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately I don't think there is any way to initiate the values for the particle swarm optimization, and I don't have an Lumerical script for the PSO algorithm. There are a couple of optimization scripts in the files on this page, but they are not PSO algorithms.
      Are you trying to continue an optimization that finished? You can do this by updating the optimization settings, right clicking on the optimization object and clicking "Continue".
      You could also consider using the Python or Matlab APIs to use their optimization features. The inverse design algorithms allow you to specify a starting point, though those algorithms are restricted to FOMs based on transmission into waveguide modes.
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