Particle temperature in cell zone

    • Julio Gutierrez

      Hello every one,

      I am trying to optimize a geometry to achive the maximum particle temperature in a determined Cell Zone. I have achieved to parametrizes the geometry and the CFD boundary conditions as input paramiters. I have also achive to get from the simulations as output parameters flow parameters, such as maximal temperature or even variables evaluated only in a dermined Cell Zone, but I am uncapable to define any report for the particle maximum temperature or even, what my real goal is, the particle mean temperature on one determined Cell Zone (to maxime it).

      With CFD Post, I can get the particles maximum temperature, but not knowing where it is, it can lead me to errors.

      Is there a way to do it, either in fluent directly or in CFD Post?


      Something like: 

      SumIf(DPMVelocityMagnitude,Position.x>0.1 [m],['impact_zone'],Weight = 'Volume')/Volume(['impact_zone'])

      (* I dont have any DPMTemperature variable available)

      And further on, My "impact_zone" is geometry parameter dependant. How can I substitute the 0.1m with a Workbench/DesignModeler input parameter?


      Many thanks in advance



    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee

      You can create UDF's to get maximum temperature or mean temperature over all particles (from Lagrangian side) and create then an output parameter for that.

      If you want to avoid that, you can enable Mean Values under DPM Panel and you can access the DPM Mean Temperature as Eulerian Side variable which you can then use like other eulerian variable to do with it whatever you want.

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