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PCB trace mapping issue

    • Haiquan


      I am facing some issues during trace mapping:

      1/ When I import the tgz file in SpaceClaim, I found that there is no solid 3D. The ECAD engineer told me that
      there is no 3D geometry in tgz file (I am surprised). What setting should they do in order to include the 3D in tgz? (They are using Zuken)

      2/ Based on the reason above, I tried to import only one solid body of PCB with stp format, is it OK if importing a stp 3D?

      3/ After import the trace tgz file, ANSYS can identify 4 layers but with 0mm thickness as shown in Fig. 1, I input the thickness manually shown in Fig. 2 (total PCB thickness 1.6mm). I also generate 4 elements through the thickness

      4/ After mapping, it seems not correct, the metal fraction is nearly 1 as shown in Fig. 3, it seems I lost the dielectric layers, the PCB stack up information is shown in Fig. 4. I made a section in the PCB as shown in Fig. 5. How should I build the 3D model based on this stack up information?

      5/ In my understanding, the tgz should include 7 layers of the PCB stack up(ignore the solder mask layers Resist A and B), is it correct?

      Thank you very much for your feedback



    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee



      I would suggest to create a support request as we might need to see the model and try and import the trace to replicate this behaviour.


      Thank you



      • Haiquan

        Hello Erik

        Thank you so much for you feedback, I will send a request

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