Pcm sudden divergence

    • amin98



      Hello everyone,

      I'm trying to simulat the melting of pcm in duct. The source of heat is air at 324k and the pcm initial temperature is 297k..But I'm keep getting a sudden divergence during the soulotion. The case is Transeint with 0.1 time step.

      After 2 weeks of trying.. I'm not getting anywhere..can anyone help me with this?


    • RM
      Ansys Employee

      It is generic error and can occur due to several resons such as mesh, BC and solver schemes. Please ensure that your mesh is of good quality, appropriate boundary conditions are set. Try lowering URF and changing schemes. If it is transient simulation try with PISO scheme.

      Please refer 32.21. Convergence and Stability (ansys.com) for more information on convergence.

      • amin98

        Thank sir for your reply..the min ortho quality is 0.4 

        The max skewness is 0.76

        The max aspect ratio is 6.8

        The total no of cells is 2,889,650

        I'll try everything you said and let you know..thanks 🌹

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