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Penetration issue

    • Stefano De Sanctis

      Hello everyone, I am doing a thesis work on the problem of dislocation in hip prosthesis. I encountered a problem of in the geometry during the analysis (see photo).

      I would like to achieve sliding as a result until the head separates on the acetabular cup, but instead I get only penetration, can anyone help me? maybe I am wrong in the connection conditions. I used frictionless for the contacts between head and cup and applied a force in the stem, locking with a displacement along x and z. thanks for the help. 

    • Nanda Veralla
      Ansys Employee

      Hello stefano,

      Augmented lagrange does allow some degree of penetration. I would suggest to use Normal lagrange, which usually allows zero penetration and set detection method to combined. You need to use "direct solver" when formulation is set to normal lagrange. Hope this helps.

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