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General Mechanical

Penetration problem with open structure

    • Sebastianchi

      Hi guys,

      Currently facing this issue in my simulation.
      Below is a simple concept of my simulation.

      Basically I have a tape(blue) and want to pull it downwards using pressure, I have placed a fixed cylinder (orange) and would wish that 
      the tape rest on the surface of the cylinder.

      I have defined frictional contact between tape body and cylinder body.

      However, the solution that I have got in Ansys is of the 2nd picture, the tape deforms so much that it appears on the other side of the cylinder.

      I have tried increasing the pinball radius of the frictional contact but it does not seem to converge.
      Could anyone advice me on this matter?

      Thank you!


    • Sebastianchi

      Btw guys, the image in the post is as of below:

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