Periodic BC warning

    • CMHR

      Hi, I generated an unstructured hybrid mesh and imported it to fluent. Since my BC is supposed to be periodic I generate my surface as an interface first and then right-click geometry to select "periodic". Thereafter, I specify it as non-conformal. However, I do this and I receive a warning as shown below.

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      Check the periodic settings, and also the mesh on the surfaces. The error is suggesting that something doesn't line up properly. Please post some images.
    • CMHR
      Hi Rob Thank you for your response.
      I have attached images showing the flowfield with the periodic BC. I have also added the image of the flowfield showing the backside for any penetrating tetras. Regarding the settings, I just applied the non-conformal since conformal was not being applied and translational. This geometry is an unswept wing.
      Pictures showing the periodic BC^^.
      The yellow/green you see is the second surface of the periodic BC called periodic_2 and the blue is PEriodic_1. There are no surfaces or geometry parts shown here only the mesh itself.
      The mesh itself is around the aerofoil.

      The inflation layer. I made one layer for this and then split it into 20 payers because the prism function was ending prematurely.
      At the TE. The TE is very small so I have the max size as 0.05mm on the curves of the TE and on the semi-circle part of the curve (previous picture) I have 5 nodes. I can't reduce the size further or else the mesh generation crashes or runs out of memory.
      This is the BC tab.
      The settings I've applied.

      Please do let me know if you require any further images. Thank you very much.
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