Periodic Heating in Channel Flow

    • ShoyonPanday




      I am trying to simulate channel flow with periodic heating at the lower wall. To be specific, I am using a sinusoidal temperature profile at the lower wall whereas the upper wall of the channel has a constant temperature. Note that, I used periodic boundary condition for inlet & outlet as well as specified the mass flow rate. 


      Constraints for periodic heat transfer predictions in Fluent says that all walls must be at the same temperature (profiles are not allowed). But in this case, I have to implement a temperature profile at the lower wall. The documentation also suggests using constant thermodynamic and transport properties. But I want to use the Boussinesq model for density which treats density as a constant value in all solved equations, except for the buoyancy term in the momentum equation.


      I was wondering that whether is it possible to carry out this analysis in Fluent or not?






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