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    • helene.bechara.1


      I am trying to design a whole machine, I defined the winding layout and precise the periodic multiplier =1. Though when I run the rmxprt, in the design sheet I get the periodic multplier =6 and when I create maxwell design model I get the 1/6 of the machine. 

      And when I change the fraction in maxwell I get the whole machine but the coils and bars are not created for the whole machine (only for the 1/6 of it).

      Do you have any idea how to solve this issue ?

      Thank you

    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee



      Hi helene.bechara.1,

      To generate a Full model in Maxwell
      Before you analyze the RMxprt model, go to RMxprt > Design settings > User-Defined Data > Check Enable
      In the text window type “Fractions 1” without quotation marks (capital F).
      Then Analyse the RMxprt model and create the Maxwell model.
      If you are creating a 3D Maxwell model. After the maxwell model is created select the design in the project manager window and in the properties window change halfAxial value to zero, This should generate the full 3D machine Maxwell model.





    • helene.bechara.1

      Thank you !

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