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Permanent Magnet Pull Force

    • Les-O-Lee


                      The statement “it did not give me any results” is not an adequate fault report. Anybody who wanted to help you would first have to ask loads of boring questions to extract the facts. But if you appear as if you are not willing to put in any effort yourself, then that puts all the work down to this helpful third party.

      The sort of things that would be useful are: any error messages, any screen shots, at what point did your setup diverge from the tutorial instructions?

       Sadly, I myself am unable to be of any assistance since I am training to be a n00b. I installed AIM 19.0 three times before giving up and reverting to 18.2. Even then, although the help then worked correctly and the dimensioning also worked correctly, I still get the same error as on 19.0, namely

      ‘DataContainerReference’ object has no attribute ‘GetGeneralPhysicsOptions’

      on the magnetic simulation. (I did manage to get a stress analysis simulation to work correctly.)

      I think a lot of the problem is that these newer CAD systems are bolted together with loads of third party software like Python. You need to be really good to fix these installation/linkage types of problems, and unless you are a paying customer that sort of in-depth fault finding is likely to be patchy at best.

    • sageblade

      I am trying to model the pull force of a permanent magnet on a steel plate. It seems like a very simple problem but I can't seem to figure out how to do it (I tried to go through this tutorial and make edits to suit my particular problem but it did not give me any results). Could you offer some advice? 

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