Phase of magnetic field in eddy current solution


    • peozimek

      I am interested in plotting the phase angle of a magnetic field vs frequency when running an eddy current solution type. I can see how to plot the magnitude of the field, but I cannot see any way to get the angle of the field, or the phase between the excitation and the resulting field. I have tried to define vector quantities via the field calculator, but they do not show up in the reports.

      Is there some way to do what I am trying to do in the eddy current solution? Or will I need to run a transient simulation?

    • AndyJP
      For manipulating complex values, which are characterized by phase, see the "Complex" collection in the Field Calculator. A function like CmplxPhase can be an answer to your question. But of course, all the tensor data should be reduced to complex scalars in order to plot it in reports.
      If you want to see a phase flow, then phase is defined or swept by the Phase variable in the "Functions" collection of the Field Calculator. After adding the phase to the stack, use AtPhase in the "Complex" collection.
    • peozimek
      Thanks Andy.
      Yes, my mistake was not reducing the vectors to scalars before trying to plot. For the benefit of others, I was able to accomplish this in two different ways which (in my case with a field along the z-axis) gave essentially the same answer:
      Method 1:
      Mag_Real_B = Mag(Real(Smooth()))
      Mag_Imag_B = Mag(Imag(Smooth()))
      Phase_B = atan(Mag_Imag_B/Mag_Real_B)

      Method 2:
      Phase_Bz = ScalarZ(Phase(Smooth()))
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