Photoacoustic/Optoacoustic Simulation

    • ananyas


      I am trying to create and analyse a photoacoustic system model. I have preapared an analytical model and have some value from it. Now, I am trying to create a FEM model of the system in Ansys 2019 R1. I use the academic license. I have following queries

      1. Is it possible to simulate the photoacoustic effect using finite element simulation directly? As in, is it possible to define the incident radiation intensity, define the fluid propertieds and get the photoacoustic pressure/temperature at the output? 

      2. At present, I am trying to replicate the effect using Fluent, where I define a geometry, enclosure and boundary conditions and try to provide "periodic pressure inlet" and pressure outlet to induce the effect of light modulation (in turn, pressure modulation). If it is not possible to directly simulate photoacoustic effect in Ansys, how can I refine my second model?

       Fig: setup for the second model to replicate the photoacoustic effect



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