Photonic crystal U-Shaped ring resonator

    • Aruna_Soibam


      I am trying to replicate the work (Section 4 Study of U‑shaped ring resonator filters) of the paper [1].

      However, the transmission spectra (Fig. 3 in the paper) is achieved quite low in my simulation, as shown in the attached figure below.

      I have used all the parameters mentioned in the paper and simulated using 2D FDTD, and I'm unable to figure out where I made the mistake while performing the simulation.

      Kindly help. I have attached screenshots of my simulation.


      [1] A. Alioueche, A. Benmerkhi, and M. Bouchemat, “Optical photonic crystal sensor based on U-shaped ring resonator,” Optical and Quantum Electronics, vol. 54, no. 12, Oct. 2022.


      Fig 3 (green curve) in the paper






    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      The main problem I guess is, the Gaussian beam cannot efficiently propagate in such PhC waveguide. Usually you will need to use a regular straight waveguide to excite a certain mode, and use regular output straight waveguide to measure results. Otherwise a plane mode is not proper to exsit a Bloch mode. similarly the monitor result will also depends on its location.

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