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Piezo and MEMS Extension and Engineering Data

    • veney.10

      I am currently using Workbench and Mechanical version 2020 R1 along with the ACT extension Piezo and MEMS also version 2020.1. When attempting to add engineering data and the various piezo properties, there is no Piezoelectric section in the left toolbox section.

      I have also checked the extension log which says it is running and does not give any errors. It has been activated and set to load as default yet I still cannot input these properties. Is anyone able to help with this issue? Thank you in advance.

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee


      The piezo-mems act extension is not supported and developed any longer and is replaced by the below coupled field systems.


      Use the coupled field modal and harmonic to analyse Piezoelectric+structure+acoustics (if needed) in 2023 R1.

      In 2023 R1 there is also a small database in Engineering data on piezoelectric material (e.g., PZT 5-H). 

      For an example on how to use coupled field harmonic analysis see technology demo or showcase TD39: Wire Bonding with Ultrasonic Transducer

      All the best



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