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General Mechanical

Piezoeletric & MEMs extension : creation of a slot signal

    • MCK_Pandaleon


      I want to impose a slot voltage that would go from -100 V to +100 V at a frequency of 200kHz.

      The problem is that I cannot choose at which points in time I define my function. Therefore I cannot create the "slot" signal.

      My idea was to define very few points close to each other around the point where the voltage goes from 100 to -100 (or vice versa) allowing me to have an approximation of a slot signal.

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee

      not sure why that is. (try in excel to create three columns as you show above, add the correct time and voltage, and then copy and paste that into the voltage object you are showing above-not sure though because I never use these things)

      If this does not work, I would suggest to do as explained and the commands posted in my previous post.
      Also instead of writing the ansys apdl table as in the above linked post, we can have a csv file of the voltage excitation, and read that in to a table which is applied later to the model (see below for tread).

      Thank you

    • MCK_Pandaleon
      Thanks a lot, copying from excel works perfectly
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