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Pin Connection in Truss


    • NElkady


      I am new to ANSYS Workbench and I'm trying to add a pin connection in my simple truss but it keeps giving me the error 'One of the nodes for the beam end release cannot be found'. Could you please advice on how to solve this issue?

      Thanks in Advance!

    • peteroznewman
      You will have to show a lot more detail to get help on your project.
      Which software did you use to create the Beams?
      Did you use Shared Topology?
    • NElkady
      I used the Design Modeler. So, I sketched out the lines then created 'lines from sketches' so it created a single sketch for all my trusses. I then assigned a cross section. In the modelling part, I added the pin supports at the ends, loading and the meshing.
      For the software I am using ANSYS workbench 2021, static structural solver.
      No, I haven't used shared topology since a single sketch with both my elements was created. Should I create two separate bodies and share topology ?
      Also, is using 'beam end release' the right command for modelling pin connections (moment free)?

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee

      As you have trusses, please use Link/Truss option instead of beams (under the line body details and the Model Type option). In that way we do not need any end release . When using trusses make sure to mesh with one element per member - so in your case it looks like you should only have two elements in total. If we mesh with more elements that two we will get a chain/link system which is not what you want and which we can not solve (unstable system).
      Since truss elements (transmit force only along the axis of the elements so they do not have bending stiffness only axial stiffness), so they do not have any rotations, just 3 translationaldegrees of freedom per node. Thus we do not need and can not end release a link element since it does not have rotations.

      All the best

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