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Pipe-like shape

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      I am a beginner with the software ANSYS and want to simulate heat transfer inside a pipe. The pipe will be submerged into water with constant temperature and the pipe will be filled with a fluid of some kind e.g. oil. I want to discover how the geometry of the pipe influence the heat transfer in the fluid inside the pipe, when submerged in water. I want to show the heat transfer pattern inside the pipe with a 3D-heat map. Is it possible? If yes, can you recommend me some tutorials/literature to help me understand how to simulate this problem. Most of the cases I have seen on the internet is designed for fluid flow etc. but I do not need to define inlet and outlet as I have static fluids.

      I also want to experiment with three different volumes of fluids inside the pipe to observe the heat transfer pattern depending on the volume inside the pipe. Is this possible?

      And is it easier to use fluid flow cfx instead if fluid flow fluent for this purpose?

      Thank you in advance!

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