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Pipe stresses

    • Mark134

      I am trying to find the stresses and strains of a steel pipe that has water flowing through it. I am not sure what are the stresses acting on the pipe. What is the difference between equivalent and principle stresses ?

      for the strain, I used the equivalent strain as well as the EPTO1 function. EPTO would give all total mechanical strain correct? I'm still not sure which strain i should be taking into my results. If someone can help that would be highly appreciated.

    • 1shan
      Ansys Employee
      The stress developed in a body can be represented in the form of a second order tensor (3 by 3 matrix) consisting of nine components. Depending on the material different failure theories define several criteria (, relating these nine components to the failed state of a material. For example the Maximum Principle Stress theory states that Yielding occurs when the largest principal stress exceeds the uniaxial tensile yield strength. This theory gives good predictions for brittle materials. For ductile materials the Maximum distortion energy theory (also called as the Von-Mises Criteria) is popularly used. It states that yielding occurs when the equivalent stress, reaches the yield strength of the material in simple tension.
      These Ansys Innovation Courses will help you understand which stress/strain results to use and their physical interpretation . 1. Stress and Local Equilubrium, 2. Volumetric and Deviatoric Behavior, 3. Mechanical Strain in Deformation Analysis, 4. Stresses in Pressure Vessels
      Regards Ishan.
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