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    • ayodele1

      Dear ANSYS,

      I wanted guidance on how to conduct stress analysis on a pipework with the support system. I am to carry out stress analysis or FEA on a a 56" pipe with suspected high vibration and thus needful to analyse for the vibration effects and possibly recommend remedial steps. Vibration readings, using pipe vibration meter, are in the Problem zone. I am wondering if I can model this in ANSYS Mechanical and be able to better understand the causes.

      Thanks in anticipation of your guidance.


    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee

      This is a very large topic - what we can say is that one should be able to use FEA for instance to assess in some way pipe vibrations and possible fatigue.

      I would suggest, to look on our course related to modal analysis and dynamics (harmonic response for instance), and finally the getting started to mechanical.
      As for the specific workflow we can not provide specific guidance, but I am sure you can find lots of info/papers/case studies on the internet on how to conduct the analysis you want.

      All the best

    • ayodele1
      Hello I will have a look at the Innovation courses for the modal analysis, thanks a lot.
      In using FEA to assess the pipe vibrations and possible fatigue, are the vibration readings meant to be applied as the load?
      The following are the vibration readings:
      X-axis: 973.2mm/s @ 3.00Hz;
      Y-axis: 624.6mm/s @ 3.00Hz;
      Z-axis: 430.5mm/s @ 3.00Hz
      Kindly advise on how I may apply the load, and how to analyse for fatigue failure?
      Thanks for your response.
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