Pitching moments in Fluent report definition compared to XFOIL

    • alems


      I am conducting a study where I compare XFOIL, Fluent and wind tunnel tests on an airfoil. The issue is however that my pitching moment coefficients are quite far off XFOIL results (which have been confirmed through websites like airfoiltools.com).

      How is Cm computed in Fluent? I have changed the point to match the "quarter-chord" location of XFOIL at 0.25 m (0.25, 0, 0). Both my airfoils have a chord length of exactly one but still it seems to deviate a lot compared to lift and drag which are well represented in the Fluent model.

      I hope you can assist me in this dilemma and all help is appreciated!

    • Karthik R
      If you wish to understand how the moment is computed in Fluent, please read this (Fluent Theory Guide). This should help clarify your question.
      26.2.1. Computing Forces, Moments, and the Center of Pressure (ansys.com)
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