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Plastic Extrusion Analysis Crashes due to OMP_NUM_THREADS setting

    • nedmohr

      I can run a plastic extrusion analysis on my personal machine.  On the school machine it crashes.  The error message In the transcript is something generic about not being able to find a license.  The transcript of the failure has this:

      Intern in CREPRO
           Polyflow             not licensed.

      I'm quite certain the school has a polyflow license.  The best clue I have is earlier in the transcript of the failure.  The first two lines are identical to the successful analysis, but then it adds one more line:

        Argument [-th 2] to specify the number of threads to use.

          Number of threads to use is 2.

          OMP_NUM_THREADS=8. set by user.

      The last line is not present in the transcript of the working model.  I believe that OMP_NUM_THREADS is an environment variable.  Any idea how to override it?  I'm not an admin, so can't change it .  Our IT guys can't figure it out and are considering writing a script to change the environment variable when someone starts Discovery, but this is kind of a hack, though I appreciate their effort.  Can anyone help?  Why is Discovery brining this variable in?  How can I stop it?

    • Subashni Ravichandran
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Edward Moore

      Academic license may have some limitations in features. 

      For queries related to academic licenses, please visit the Ansys Learning Forum

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