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General Mechanical

Plastic, total principal strain and P_STRAINuser-defined result for Mechanical.

    • zoiralli


      I want to get the contour plot of the principal total strain (elastic + plastic) or only the principal plastic strain, not the equivalent. I understand from the manual that the maximum principal elastic strain is EPEL1 and EPPL1 is the corresponding plastic. So I guess by adding them in an expression I will get the total. I also found P_STRAIN1 in the expressions available, but I can't find more about it in the manual; actually, there is no reference to that. From the attached picture it seems they have very similar plots and slightly different values. 

      So my questions are:

      What is P_STRAIN?

      Is it correct to use EPEL+EPPL to get the total strain, assuming there is no creep or thermal strain?

      Thank you for your time.

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