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Plating Thickness – Trace Mapping

    • blackra1n


      I have a question about trace mapping. When I imported trace in Ansys mechanical, plating thickness is always 0. I know I can change it by unchecking fill box, but I thought Ansys should be able to read it automatically. In general, can some one explain more about plating thickness column.

      Thank you,

      (there are lots of ODB++ file online. No matter which one you try, plating thickness is always 0.)

    • Gary Stofan
      Ansys Employee
      It is the plating thickness of a via if it is unfilled.
      Trace Mapping in Mechanical (
      Plating Thickness This field displays the thickness of the interior wall of the via that is not filled. Only applicable when via is hollow (not filled).
      Filled Check and/or uncheck this fill to indicate whether the vias is filled or hollow.
      This field is always 0 in all imports I have seen.

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