please help! error: Update for task Solve failed by using Ansys AIM

    • lsyyaya10


      Helle everyone,

      I have been trying to use the ansys Aim correctly since days, it still seems not to work.

      The CAD model made by SolidWorks. It seems like this cad file is not compatible to the ansys software.

      I have no experience with AIM, just used it for my bachelor-thesis to do the simulation in magnatics since some days.

      I have also seen in lots of videos of tutorial that they also use SolidWorks to design the model of the parts.

      I am really confused what the kind of the error it is, have you some experience with it? Please help me. The version of the ansys i am using is an academic version.


      Best Regards

    • Martin2019

      Hello , i have the same Problem. Anybody an idea?

    • Peter Serano
      Ansys Employee

      Can you please post the error messages that are shown when you click on the 'View Messages' button in your screenshot?

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