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[Please help] Malicious command line detected – The app has been blocked

    • Athanasios Tsekouras

      Hello to everyone. I try to install Ansys Student and when installation finishes my antivirus (Bitdefender) pops-up the following notifications (see images). For some reason, i believe that some ansys files are identified (wrongly) as viruses from my antivirus. Am i wrong?

      Are these blocked ansys files necessary for the Ansys Student to run properly? If yes, what can i do to properly install the software? Bitdefender does not allow me to unblock them.

      Below i put 2 of the 34 notifications that poped-up. The other 32 are similar.


    • George Karnos
      Ansys Employee

      It looks like Bitdefender is blocking registry editing on your machine.

      Some programs write registry entries so that the OS knows how to deal with files.

      Try running as administrator or try disabling Bitdefender while installing.

      Yo can also contact Bitdefender to see how to make exceptions during installation.

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