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Ansys Free Student Software

Please help me choosing right PC

    • Lukasz Klosinski


      I want to start working in Ansys (CFD especially) but after many posts I read, I'm still not sure if I'm getting everything right.

      I used to be a laptop user so I don't have experience or knowledge about choosing right parts, but recently I read a lot about recommended PC for Ansys, but the point is my budget is limited and I don't need top-high performance so many posts were useless for me. Getting to the point, I was thinking about ryzen 5 5600 or 7 5700x as CPU, 16 or 32 GB of ram and rx 6600 as GPU. And here is my first concern, I'm aware that GPU should be Nvidia Quadro to accelerate computing, but since I'm not planning on computing large models, I wonder if amd rx 6600 will be doing just fine. I'm also curious if I should pick 5 5600 with 32 GB of ram or 7 5700x with 16GB. I've heard that intel CPU's are also better because of AV-512 instruction, but I read that i5-12400f for example hasn't got these instruction. Theoretically I can go with i5-11th or i7-11th but ryzen 5 5600 or 7 5700x seems as better option (they are cheaper too).

      To sum up:

      1) Can anyone tell me if I would be able to run Ansys on rx 6600?

      2) Can anyone help me with CPU/RAM dilemma?

      I would really appreciate it.

    • peteroznewman

      Will you be using the free Student license of Ansys that has model size limits or will you have access to a full license that has no model size limits?  If you are on a full license, it would be better to have more RAM. If you are on the limited, free license, you will be okay with 16 GB of RAM. That is what is on my laptop and it is fine.

      Note that it is easy to install more RAM later, but the CPU is not easy (or maybe impossible) to upgrade.

      Higher clock speeds are better.  More cores may not be useful if you are on the free Student license, which is limited to 4 cores.  If you are on a full license, you also need an HPC license to use more than 4 cores.

      Ansys can use most OpenGL graphics cards for Display.  Ansys is very particular about the make and model of the GPU card used to accelerate computation. These cards are costly and since you are just starting, I would suggest you not spend money on an accelerator GPU since you have a tight budget.

      • Lukasz Klosinski

        Yes, I will use a student licence.

        Now I know everything I needed.

        Thank you very much for quick answer.

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