plot files twinkle after clicking plot buttom

    • Aoran


      I am doing the fluent tutorials case of 19.0 "Simulating a Single Battery Cell Using the MSMD Battery

      Model", and I am of doing at the 22.4.5 postprocessing number 7, which asked me to display the discharge curves for the positive tab for the different discharge rates. However after I have done all process the tutorials asked, the plot just blinks and goes to a weird straight line.

      I am using the Anasys fluent 19.0 standalone, and my computer system is win-10.

      Well, since for the internet limit I can not upload the tinkle short video, but I will upload later on.

      I just ask if anybody has met the same problem? And if someone did, how to solve the problem and show the right plot?

      the picture is the xyplot dialog box


    • Aoran

    • spatel
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Aoran,

      This is not something I have experienced. It seems like a graphics issue - please check you are using the supported graphics card and the drivers are up to date. Below is a link to a list of cards tested for R19.2. Also, please consider using a recent release - R2019R2.


      Best regards,


    • Aoran

      Hello Samir

      Thank you for answering my question. I will check my graphic card and the latest release, and I will let you know if it is solved.

      Best Regard


    • Aoran

      Hello guys 

      I think I have found what had happened to me.

      The problem is I have loaded too much information for plotting. For the max_temperature shows I have loaded the max_temperature data, but also it has flow_time data with it. To show the relations between max_temperature and the time steps,  things I need to do more than change legend entry of the max_temperature, but also need to disable each flow-time under the box of  Y-Axis Variables in the File-XY-PLOT dialog box.

      In this case, the plot screen will not twinkle anymore.

      I believe one reason that caused this is I am using the tutorial for 19.2 and my fluent version is 19.0 that caused a slightly difference.

      Thanks for Samir's help.

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