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    • hugo CFD

      I am analysing a fixed plate heat exchanger with 3 channel, 2 with fresh fluid and 1 exhaust fluid.

      my question is, why the velocity of the flow is higher than the inlet velocity? and because the velocity at the output of the duct increases again? the speed along the duct should decrease, right? velocity inlet is 4.16 m/s.

      Entrance of the duct



    • raul.raghav

      The increase in velocity at the center of the channel near the entrance is normal due to the boundary layer effects. But I'm not sure why it isn't consistent throughout the channel. What are conditions at the outlet?

      Could you upload your workbench archive file here? If you not sure how to create the archive file, refer the following thread:

      Workbench archive

    • Raef.Kobeissi

      Hello, I think your geometry is slightly tilted and when you've taken a plane to display the velocity it didn't capture the center of the pipe all through. Is it a 3D simulation? if you select a plane correctly you will see that the velocity is consistent.


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