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Plotting force vs time in transient fluent simulation

    • Edgar Barba

      Hi guys. I'm currently comparing the drag values of two 3D water fluent simulations, one of them transient (with dynamic mesh) and the other one steady, with same geometry. In the steady one, fluent lets me create a Force plot using 'Report definitions', although I check the final converged value with 'Report -> Forces'. 

      In the transient (seems that everything works as it should with good results), I can obtain the drag force value FROM THE LAST TIME STEP with 'Report -> Forces'. The problem is that in the transient one, I need to know the Drag value for EVERY TIME STEP, but when I try to create any type of time dependent plot with 'Report Definitions' (before running the simulation obviously), the following error appears always:

      Nothing appears clicking 'New'. It's bothering me a lot because everything else works, I even can obtain a velocity contour animation where everything looks okay. I've tried everything, I WOULD BE SUPER GRATEFUL IF SOMEONE HELPS ME.

      (Frame of animation, has all the necessary information for the drag force)

      Thank you,

      Edgar :).


    • Federico Alzamora Previtali
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Edgar, 

      perhaps there is something corrupted in your .cas file. Can you try creating a Report Definition directly from the Case view as per the screenshot below?

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