Plotting Maximum E-field values from parameter sweep

    • joshstew



      Using Maxwell3D, I performed a parameter sweep using on two objects where I am looking at the E-field intensity. I would like to plot the maximum E-field intensity for each of my sweep parameters on a single plot.

      I have looked at the help section but I don't see an option to plot the E-field magnitude. I right clicked Results, selected Create Fields Report>Rectangular Plot but don't know where to go from there. I've attached a screenshot of the options I see.

      Any help with this is appreciated.

    • icellb


      You can create a named expression by calculating the max E-field in the object in field calculator. Then when you create Fields Report>Rectangular Plot, the named expression will appear for you to choose as the y axis. 

    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Joshstew,

      Yes, you can write a user-defined expression using the field calculator for deriving the required parameter.

      Right-click on the field overlays > field calculator

      create your expression and add it to Named expressions.

      Now, right-click on the Results and plot that named expression from the create fields report option.



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