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Plotting residuals and definitions plots directly inside Python

    • Shamkhal Mammadov

      I started using pyfluent and found it a very nice tool for optimization, automation, and use of machine learning.


      However, I am having a hard time plotting my residuals directly inside the python 

      here are last lines of my code:

      # Seting up initialization and transient parameters of the simulation'no')
      solver.solution.run_calculation.transient_controls = {'type': 'Fixed', 'method': 'User-Specified',
                                                          'max_iter_per_time_step': 300,
                                                          'time_step_count': 1972,
                                                          'time_step_size': 5256,
                                                          'solution_status': False,}

      I am wondering how I can access  data of residuals and plot them over time as the simulation runs in the background 

    • Marc Goldbach

      I am looking to do the same thing.  Have you found any solution?  In my case I am running the python script from a pbs script, so using the fluent gui is not an option (at least I think so).

    • Supreetha J


      PyAnsys project is developed and supported through GitHub. You can post issues and request new features on the the Issues page for each package, or contact PyAnsys support. For more details, please refer to PyAnsys GitHub page:

      Thank you.

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