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Plotting stress/strain results along a path. Invalid scoping method

    • thospe


      I have calculations of thermal strain (first image) and would like to plot the results along a pre-defined line. I have created a construction geometry path along the desired line (second image). However, when I click on "scoping method" in my thermal strain solution object, my only options are Geometry Selection, Named Selection, Result File Item, and Surface Coating. There is no "path" option, which is how I've seen this done in tutorials. I can right-click on it and select "convert to path result" and select my path, but if I do this the "scoping method" field is yellow and it will not solve. I am given the error message "invalid scoping method". 

      Is this functionality not available in student edition or removed in an update or am I doing something wrong?

      - Spencer 

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee

      That should work - at least it does on my side for 2022 R2.


    • Esmond Chan

      The path has to lie within the data point domain, try to select the node as your start and end point

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