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Plotting surface loads from surf154 elements


    • Ethan Perez

      I am using /psf to plot surface loads from surf154 elements but am not able to plot the individual components in each direction. I am using ANSYS APDL 2022 R2.

      First, I set up the surf154 elements to use a local cylindrical coordinate system using keyopt(2)=1. Then, I created the elements using esurf with esys set to the local coordinate system. Next, I used emodif to set the element coordinate system to my local coordinate system. Lastly, I used sfe three consecutive times to apply a pressure load in each of the local x, y, and z directions.

      Now, I am using psf to try to plot the individual component loads using either locx, locy, or locz. It appears the the plot always shows the value for the last defined face, in my example the suface load on face 3. This happens whether I use locx, locy, or locz and whether I use outlined or filled faces. The surface loads appear to be correctly applied when I plot using arrows. However, arrows for all three components are plotted whether I use locx, locy, or locz. It is unexpected that all three arrows would appear when only one component is specified in the command.

      Is there a way to plot just a single component of the surface load?

      Is there a way to plot the magnitude of the surface load?

    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Ethan,

      Please use TANX or TANY to plot tangential pressure components. For normal component , you can use NORM. Please refer to the details of PSF command.

      /PSF (

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      Ashish Khemka

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