Plotting variables on other domains in CFDPost in a 2-way FSI

    • ewold


      I have successfully run my 2-way FSI and can view both the results of mechanical and fluent in CFD Post. However, I am only concerned with plotting variables on part of my mechanical geometry. The only option I see for plotting variables on the transient structural domain is called "Default Domain". Is there a way I can plot only on certain components of my transient structural geometry in CFD post? I have pasted an image below. I am only concerned with plotting stress on the four small cylinders towards the center. Because I am currently plotting on the entire domain, the rigid outer structures are colored dark blue, leaving the actual structures of interest a lot more muted than they would be if I was only considering the stress on them. I hope this makes sense and thank you.


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      What's the heading just under the highlighted "Default_Domain"? It might be mesh regions (I can't tell), in which case expand that and see what's there.  

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee


      I think this is not possible as you have not given them a dedicated naming and are not defined as separate boundary. You need to reconstruct them by some boundary intersection or iso-surface

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