PM operating points into PMSG

    • d.jemoronm

      Hello everyone!

      Somebody know how to add a point mesure with movement into a permanent magnet from a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generetor?  The objetive is to get the operate point of the PM into demagnetization curves.

      I can to get a good simulations if the PM is static. Show two pictures, the first picture we can see the simple model and the second picture see demagnetization curves with diferent operating points due to diferents current pulse at 22°C.

      The problem see in the third and fourth picture,  the point alway is at the same position. Finally, I would  like how to asign the same PM motion at my point. 

      First picture

      Second picture

      Third picture

      Fourth picture

    • HDLI
      Ansys Employee

      Hello d.jemoronm,

            I suggest to use a short and small polyline or circle to show the B and H in the magnet with motion, and either model or non-model is good. We could do average or min value in the selected line or circle to determine the demagnetization value of PM.

            The point would be always fixed and could not move. Thanks.


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