PMSM braking with braking resistor

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    • Syed Husnain Tanweer Kazmi

      Hello, hope you are well.

      I am trying to evaluate a situation when a PMSM is running in open circuit generator condition and has a braking resistor also connected at terminal with switch between PMSM and generator still open. 

      At t=0 switch between braking resitor and terminals of the PMSM generator is closed. 
      I want to see the currents in windings resulting from this close of switch and hence effects like demagnetisation resulting from such a braking and while doing this I want to vary braking resistor vlaues to see the effects of parametric sweep on demganetization of magnets. 

      How can I do this?

      In the advanced motor training on this platform, there are demag exercise examples, can those be somehow applied to my situation?

      Looking forward to some pointers.

      Thanks alot.  

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