PMSM Negative Rotation

    • Achref Douiri

      Hello, I am writing to inquire about a problem I am experiencing with a PMSM (eight poles). I am simulating in Simplorer an ECE model of a pmsm.  
      Despite applying a positive speed:The motor is revolving in a negative direction. (if I apply a negative speed the motor rotate in a positive direction). The input of my PMSM is sinusoidal voltage sources.  I have carefully checked my input parameters and confirmed that they are correct. Additionally, 
      Can you please help me identify what could be causing this issue and suggest any steps I can take to resolve it?

    • HDLI
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Achref,

             Could you share the screen copy of your model? What is the Maxwell model's Motion for ECE? 

             If possible, could you test a co-simulation with this Maxwell model to see what happens in speed?


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