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General Mechanical

Point Mass using CE vs Targe170

    • chonkiat.lee

      Hi, I am running a modal analysis to simulate a point mass in mechanical by connecting to eight (8) vertex and compared to same model in APDL but using RBE3 to connect to point mass but the modal frequency is different despite same model.

      So, I open the DB file from mechanical to see the connection type used in mechanical. It seems Targe170 is used to connect the point mass with 8 nodes... but the picture below shows that one of the Targe170 is at the point mass (ELEM 28004).

      Can anyone share with me the difference between using RBE3 and TARGE170? Thank you!

    • Ruturaj Gavali
      Ansys Employee
      Hey !
      Following links might help you to better understand about the RBE3 Command and the TARGE170 Element.
      RBE3 (
      TARGE170 (
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